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Tree Watering Stakes Tree Watering Stakes Tree Watering Stakes
Tree Watering Stakes 36"
Our Price: $14.84
14 ˝” Spikes for small trees and bushes with shallow roots
  • 24 1/2" Spikes for trees and bushes with medium depth roots
  • Green King Deep Drip Tree Watering Stake 24In Our 24 Inch Deep Drip Tree Watering Stakes Water Your Trees And Shrubs At The Roots
  • While Directly Watering Underground, You Will Help To Conserve Water, Prevent Runoff And Erosion, Promote Deeper Roots, And Better Fertilize The Tree
  • Our Watering Tools Easily Connect To Your Automatic Drip System Or You Can Even Pull Up A Hose And Let The Water Slowly Flow Down To The Roots
  • You Can Also Add Fertilizer Into The Shaft To Continually Direct Nutrients To The Root Zone
  • Our 36” Deep Drip Tree Watering Stakes water your trees and shrubs at the roots
  • While directly watering underground, you will help to conserve water, prevent runoff and erosion, promote deeper roots, and better fertilize the tree
  • Our watering tools easily connect to your automatic drip system or you can even pull up a hose and let the water slowly flow down to the roots
  • Made in USA