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Brass Hose Bib Tap Sprayhead Pressure Tester Stop Watch
Brass Hose Bib Tap
Our Price: $10.09
Sprayhead Pressure Tester
Our Price: $10.09
Stop Watch
Our Price: $14.61
  • 3/4" Hose Thread X 1/4" Tap for using pressure gauge on Hose Bibs
  • Does Not Include Pressure Gauge
Sprayhead Pressure Tester Underhill Stop Watch
Pitot Tube Hose for Pitot Tube & Gauge Pressure gauge
Pitot Tube
Our Price: $17.47
Pressure gauge
Our Price: $22.49
Pitot tube only Hose for Pitot Tube & Gauge
  • Liquid filled pressure gauge
  • Stainless steel construction, 0-160 PSI
  • 2.5-inch face/dial
  • 1/4-inch male NPT Connection
POC Hose Bib with Pressure Gauge CatchCan Ultra Replacement Cups CatchCan Ultra Replacement Stands
  • Liquid filled 160 PSI Gauge
  • Hose Bib Adapter
  • Measures Static Water Pressure at the Hose Bib
  • Designed to Check Pressure at a Typical Hose Bib
  • Attaches to Outside Faucets
6 (qty) Replacement Cups to Irrigation Auditing Cups & Stands 6 (qty) Replacement Stands for the Irrigation Auditing Cups & Stands.
Sprayhead Tester Adapter Measuring Tape Underhill Headchecker
Sprayhead Tester Adapter
Our Price: $29.33
Measuring Tape
Our Price: $32.13
Our Price: $36.03
Sprayhead Tester Adapter with Pressure Gauge. Tubing not included. Measuring Tape Nozzle discharge pressure gauge
Pitot Tube attached to 30" Flex Hose with 160PSI pressure gauge CatchCan Ultra 12 pack Wind Gauge
CatchCan Ultra 12 pack
Our Price: $68.20
Our Price: $91.90
  • Liquid filled 160 PSI gauge
  • Solid brass Pitot Tube
  • Measures dynamic water pressure at the sprinkler nozzle
12 (qty) Irrigation Auditing Cups & Stands Wind Gauge
Auditmaster LT Kit
Auditmaster LT Kit
Our Price: $585.15
Auditmaster LT Kit. Excludes the CatchCanPro Mini cups